Cordless Insulation Material Saw ISC 240 EB-Basic

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Product features

A revolution in insulation material sawing.
Flexible mineral fiber insulation thanks to perfectly fitting cutting inserts. Fast and precise cuts in materials and natural fiber insulation materials and PUR insulation boards.
It is powerful and durable thanks to its maintenance-free, brushless EC-TEC motor.
Repeat and precise angled cuts can be made with the guide rail and angle stop (available in the kit or as an accessory) to cut material extremely efficiently.
Fatigue-free operation thanks to the perfectly balanced design and low weight – ensuring maximum working comfort even when operating with one hand.
You can cut even the thickest insulation materials without fatigue, there are cutting attachments for cutting depths of up to 350 mm.
Allows tool-free replacement of cutting attachments for efficient and material-appropriate working.
Ideal in combination with a Li-HighPower battery: With a weight of less than 600 grams, it is 20% lighter and 50% more compact than a 5.0 Ah standard battery pack.
Cutting of flexible insulating materials such as glass wool, rock wool and natural fibers (for wavy ground saw blade cutting attachment).
For cutting PUR (polyurethane rigid foam) and polystyrene insulation boards (for limited saw blade cutting attachment).
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